Video made by Susan Black, aka The Female of Ka Pow Pow, for alliance-mate Hans Jagerblitzen.

And she was afraid I would troll her… this is an awesome vid. Watch it. Enjoy it.


Editor’s Comment:

I usually try and stay away from political issues, as I am an non-conformist and have little time for soft politics. However, I actually think you all should seriously consider voting for Hans.


Lowsec has been abandoned by CCP and by the greater playerbase for years. It needs a slap across the face with a trout. Same with Faction Warfare. Hans is someone who knows both areas well and more than anything else has the desire to make his home in EVE better for him and for everyone else that lives in lowsec.

In addition, he is humble and listens to others when they talk. He’s a team player. Those two factors alone make him an excellent addition to any team and the CSM needs more people like him.

Be Smart. Vote Hans for CSM7.

That is all.

Sneaky Noob, Editor-in-Chief of The Late Nite News ™

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